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Skin Care For Children

Children’s skin is sensitive and hence is susceptible to various kinds of ailments. Most of these ailments are minor in nature and so they can be avoided and treated.

For this, it is necessary to have an idea about the different types of skin problems the children face, and also the proper skin care practices to avoid them. 

The different types of skin problems the children are exposed to as follows:

Skin care against sun – It is very important to guard your children against the sun. Over exposure to sun leads to various types of problems during childhood and its effects can also be found later as well. Although most of the problems are minor in nature, sometimes it can also lead to skin cancer.

Hence, children should be made aware of sun protection like wearing a cap or hat, and full length clothes while going out in the sun. They should also be told use sunscreen lotion. 

According to some estimate, people get around 60% to 70 % of the total sun exposure they get in their lifetime, before they attain the age eighteen. So, this points out how important it is to guard your children against the sun exposure.

Washing of hands – Children are quite finicky about washing their hands properly. Since, washing the hands is an important aspect of skin care, children should be told to wash their hands properly when they are exposed to outside environment while playing, gardening etc. 

Even while taking some food with the help of food, care should always be taken to wash the hands afterwards. The nails should be given particular attention; otherwise the accumulation of dirt in it might lead to infection.

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Warm water and soap should be used to wash the hands and they should be thoroughly dried with clean clothes.

Skin care for blisters – Taking out the blisters on the skin is important part of skin care. If left unattended, this may lead to infection.

Skin care of the sensitive skin of the babies – Proper skin care of the babies is always difficult and hence is important. Harsh and strong soaps should be avoided as they might damage the sensitive skin of the babies. And, with the occurrence of any skin problem, immediate medical attention should be sought for.

Ringworms – Sometimes, due to contact with other people who have ringworms, your child might develop ringworms. They are fungal infections where round ring shaped red patches appear on the skin.

Skin care for burns – Use of flowing water over the burn skin is the best skin care as ointments and lotions may not help. The burnt skin should be left uncovered to accentuate the healing process.

Skin care for bruises – The bruises should be attended to immediately. Applying ice on the affected parts where the blood vessels are ruptured under the skin helps a lot.

Skin care for minor cuts – For minor cuts with knives, the antiseptic lotions should be immediately applied.

These are some of the skin care tips for children.

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