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There Is No Proven Long Term and Effective Acne Treatments

Acne is an inflammatory disease involving the sebaceous glands of the skin. It is characterized by the development papules or pustules on the skin. 

Acnes are caused by the bacteria which can cause a lot of inflammatory effects. There are many types of medications which will help to minimize and eliminate the inflammatory papules and pustules.

There are many different types of acne treatments followed by different people. Acne is basically categorized in three parts. They are mild type, moderate type and the severe type. It is the most common skin problem in teenagers of both the genders. 

Acne treatments include medical procedures and home made treatments. These treatments could help to solve your skin disorders depending upon the severity of the problem. 

There are various types of Acne treatments which will cure from moderate to severe cases of acne. You should take advice from a dermatologist before you try out any treatment. Acne treatments are again dependent upon you body, skin type and even the natural conditions around you.

Acne treatment can also be brought about with the use of the chemicals like the peels. The doctors will sometimes use the chemical peels. It is the glycolic acid mixed with other chemicals to remove the external layer of the skin. 

This is safe when done only with the right hands of an expert. It is recommended that you should not try this type of treatment at home. You could risk having the permanent scars of your face if you choose to do so.

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You should always try any kind of treatment under the observation of your dermatologist to prevent any kind of permanent damage being done to your skin.

Acne treatment by light therapy is the therapy in which the dermatologist will use the laser or light therapy. This therapy can be useful in treating hard to reach areas of the skins such as the skin on the back. This is the very expensive acne treatment and it has proved to be effective in many cases. The laser treatment kills the bacteria that cause acne. 

Laser therapy has played an important role in the acne treatment and it can also resolve irregular surface scarring. It can easily penetrate the skin tissue to kill the bacteria. However, it will need to be conducted under the observation of experienced doctors only. 

There hasn’t still been a proven long term effective acne treatment in the medical history. 

There are many other prescription treatments for acne which are recommended by the doctors or the dermatologists. They normally include the topical and oral acne treatments. 

Acne treatments are also conducted with the help of oral antibiotics. They are used for the treatment of acne in the moderate cases. It reduces the acne bacteria and subsequently decreases the inflammation. This treatment again has to be conducted only with the prescription from the doctors.

Acne treatments with the help oral contraceptives have also been proved to be helpful in a lot of cases. This type of treatment takes time and has to be considered as a long term treatment. 

It is very important that both men and women should refrain from smoking during any types of acne treatment.

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