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Get Healthy Skin By Treating Cystic Acne

Are you one of those suffering from severe acne problems? Wouldn’t it be great if you had a clear, healthy and acne free skin? Well everybody wants to have a clear and healthy skin. It makes us feel good and much more confident everywhere we go. 

Acne is a common problem and usually teenagers experience it. However, this skin problem also disturbs adults and the old age people. It is the oily skin which badly gets affected and requires treatment. 

Have you ever thought of complications arising due to severe acne problems? Yes you have heard it right; acne can get really serious by creating severe skin problems. These kind of severe acne problems are termed as cystic acne. These are deep inflamed breakouts which mainly hit your face and many a times to other parts of the body. 

Cystic acne is considered to be a serious condition of the skin which is painful and causes lot of irritation. During this condition the entire area is highly infected and the follicle wall gets damaged.

It gives rise to unwanted bacterial infections in and around the dermis. It then results in lump formation under the skin surface which is filled with bacterial fluids. 

Fluids inside the acne make it extremely painful and unbearable. As a result of severe infection over the skin, the healing process slows down. You should immediately consult a dermatologist to get relief from the severe pain. It will also enable the doctors to diagnose the severity of the acne and start the treatment accordingly. 

Dermatologists understand your skin better and they can find out the root cause of severe infections. It is basically the oil glands of our skin which gets overactive and does the entire damage.

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Doctors take immediate action on the treatment process in order to avoid scar formation on the face. There is a high possibility of scar formation in case of cystic acne. 

Treatment of cystic acne is followed by a very systematic approach since it is considered to be a severe condition of the skin. They usually prescribe antibiotics to reduce the infection inside the skin followed by surgical excision. Antibiotics control the oil secretion of the skin and thus reduce the chances of further infection. 

Doctors also prescribe tropical creams in many of the severe cases to apply along with the intake of antibiotics. Treatment of cystic acne largely depends on the type of skin and the severity of the infection. 

Surgical excision is only performed when the situation is critical and needs immediate assistance. The healing process would be much faster in case of surgical excision. 

Laser technique is one of most demanding and popular treatments preferred by the dermatologists. Laser beams burn the follicle sacs and reduce the infection. It also induces oxygen to the lumps which reduces the growth of bacteria. Since it is an expensive treatment, people prefer to go by the medicines first. 

Cortisone injection is one of the safest methods to treat cystic acne. Basically the injection is induced to the lump which breaks the infection and the healing process speeds up.

However there is a possibility of some side effect over the infected area. Doctor’s assistance and updates are extremely important and one should follow them strictly to get a clear and healthy skin.

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