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Acne Treatment A Boon For Teenagers

Acne is a nightmare for all the teenagers. A smooth, clear and acne free skin is the dream for all of them. Today we can see the market flooding with various acne treatment medications. But there are different types of acne, which requires different types of treatment. So lets first take a look about different types of acne.

1. Open comedones and closed comedones
2. Need to be treated with topical agents.

1. Papules: Erthematous small boils/bumps which are less than 1cm.
2. Pustules: Erthematous filled with pus ranging less than 1cm.
3. May or may not work with topical agents alone, they have to be mixed with oral agents.

Nodulocystic Acne:
1. Nodules 
2. Cysts
3. These are treated with oral medications

Now we should take a look at the ingredients of the acne treatment medications.

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Benzoyl Peroxide: 

Considering this as one of the most common used ingredients found in acne treatment. This is considered to be the most important ingredient in all over the counter treatments, Benzoyl peroxide works by attacking the bacteria that are responsible for causing acne,

But there are some side effects. In some of the cases it causes dryness and irritation of the skin. If this happens, one should reduce the amount he or she uses, but if this keeps on persisting, stop the medication.

Salicylic Acid:

Another very common used ingredient to be found in acne treatment medication is salicylic acid. This ingredient is used to get rid of the dead skin cells. They get into the pores, mixes with bacteria and sebum, and causes acne.

One can use the products that include salicylic acid in order to get rid of acne; however, one should keep continuing its use so as to make sure that they do not come back. It can also cause intense dry skin and irritation. If this happens then stop using it.


Sulfur is one of the popular ingredients in acne treatment and it is in use for over 50 years. Sometimes it is mixed with other ingredients, such as resorcinol or even sometimes with alcohol. Even though it in use for treating acne from many years, it is still not known that how it actually works. However, it does not smell so good, that’s the reason it is not used alone in acne treatment.

Alcohol and Acetone:

Often these two ingredients are used together in acne treatment that is accessible over the counter. The alcohol acts as an antimicrobial and the acetone removes excess oil. They are commonly used together because when acetone is used alone, it does not show any effect. These are not the only ingredients in acne treatment; however, they are most common.

Now as we have developed quite an understanding about the acne treatment from the above article, one can proof guard him or herself from the curse of acne. Though I do not say that it will be a magical cure, but if all the above ingredients are kept in mind while purchasing the acne medication, ones problem can be solved to level of expectations.

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