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Acne Skin Care – A Necessary Practice For A Healthier Glowing Skin

Acne is a well known skin disease because every 3rd person we come across is suffering with acne breakouts. Most of us face it at some or the other stage in our lives. Acne skin care should be given importance because acne problems not only humiliate you but also can cause immense psychological pressure.

Eighty percent teenagers complain about acne. There are different forms of acne. Usually they are classified on 2 criteria’s – First by the size and second, whether it is "non-inflammatory” or "inflammatory". When dead skin cells is mixed with the body generated oil (which moisturizes our skin and hair naturally), it clogs the pores of the skin resulting in break outs.

Acne skin care in 5 simple steps –

1) Keep your skin clean, wash your face whenever you feel sticky, irritated or unhygienic. Cleanse your skin when you return home as the pollution, smoke, dust which is accumulated on your skin can damage it which in turn harms your beauty.

2) Always remember to cleanse tone and moisturize your skin. They are the basic repair system of the acne skin care. While selecting cleansers, toners and moisturizers look for the product which is suitable for your skin, Check the ingredients the product possess, this will help in reducing the risk of side effects or skin reaction.

3) Controlling the Breakouts – There are many remedies available that help in clearing the pimples and avoid future breakouts. Products which contain tea tree oil, salicylic acid are best for clearing up skin problems. Exfoliating scrubs, clay masks are helpful in removing dead skin cells.

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4) Avoid drugs (such as testosterone, steroids, phenytoin and estrogen), including vitamins in your regular diet can be an effective method under acne skin care regimes.

5) It takes time. So, relax and wait for the system to work on your skin. Don’t change your routine or hop for a new one, Results will be seen once your skin responds to the process.

Few tips to avoid acne –

  • Make sure your hands and make up brushes are clean before applying anything on your skin, may it be lotion or make-up.
  • Avoid using harmful hair products, oily cosmetic & greasy lotions.
  • Shield your body from the sun rays, as tanning might cause more sebum production than usual creating more breakouts. It can be included as one of the acne skin care technique.
  • Acnes can occur in other parts of the body as well; tight clothes limit the air transmission and boost the possibilities of skin irritation. Hence, wearing tight clothes should be avoided.
  • Don’t leave the make-up on while you go to sleep, even your skin needs to breathe and relax. Makeup blocks the pores resulting in acnes.

Your skin belongs to you. So taking care of it is your responsibility. Adopt these acne skin care habit and let your skin do all the talking when you stand among the crowd and allow it show your uniqueness to the world.

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