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Easy Skin Care Acne Control By Using Home Remedy


Nobody likes to have acne showing up on their faces, which may strike anytime without any warning. Just imagine if you are a young girl going for your first date or an executive who has been invited to appear in a big social event, and you have acne on your face. It is really very hard to control, when it occurs on your face. However, some of the skin care acne control which you can do at your home, can be very effective.

This kind of home remedy for skin care acne control is the easiest method and whenever it flares up one can try to treat them easily. Such inflammation usually occurs when there is clogging in pores of the skin and this is a kind of chronic skin condition. You may have suffering for your life time as a permanent scarring if there is any kind of mishandling, while it occurs. There is no fixed pattern and it can happen to any person and at any age. So, if you use the solution provided here to treat your acne, you can easily control its flare up.

Eat Right

It is very important that you have a control on what you are eating. Always choose the right kind of food, which will prevent the occurrence of acne. This kind of home treatment for skin care acne control may be often as simple as changing your nutritional value of what you eat daily. There must be enough quantity of fruits and vegetables in your daily intake. You must avoid junk foods as much as possible. There are many other harmful foods also must be avoided, which can cause such skin flare up. Your foods must be rich in antioxidants. It must include all kinds of dark green and leafy vegetables and salads. You must also eat berries along with green tea. You can also have walnuts, salmon and flaxseeds, which can soothe inflammation during the occurrence of acne.

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Skin hygiene

In your skin care acne control plan, good skin hygiene is also very important. This can greatly help your treatment also. You must keep your face clean and wash them several times in a day. Any skin care product that you may use must be oil free and have less amount of grease.


For effective acne control vitamin A, B and E plays a great role. You may consume vitamin A and niacin of 100 mg every day. Also include Vitamin E in sufficient quantity in your diet. In case of bad acne breakouts, you must increase the frequency of Vitamin intake to 3 to 4 times.

You can also apply paste of fenugreek prior to your going to bed at night. You may wash it during morning along with warm water. Also crushed and pounded orange peel along with water can be applied on the affected portions. You can also try out lemon juice which is also an effective skin care acne control

It is not at all pleasant to carry acne on the face, but when it happens it is really very devastating, particularly when you are getting ready for some important events of your life. Using these homemade remedies you can certainly help yourself to take proper care of acne.

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