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Practical Steps in Pregnancy Skin Care

Pregnancy is sometimes one of the happiest stages in a woman's life. It is during this time that she is able to bond with her partner better while anticipating the birth of a child.

But pregnancy does have its own challenges.

Although not all people are aware of it, pregnancy skin care is an issue for most women because their bodies are undergoing drastic changes during this period.

The skin is inevitably affected by changes in the hormone level, the emotional stress a woman might be in, and the physical changes in the body. For this reason, it is important to have a pregnancy skin care guide that will help a woman go through this tough time:

Pregnancy Skin Care Step 1: Cleanse Gently

Dermatologist usually recommends using glycerin-based facial wash for pregnancy skin care. Non-residue pregnancy skin care will leave the skin soft and moist so it will not put undue strain or cause dryness to the skin.

It is also advised for you not to wash your face more than two times a day because it might cause your skin to dry out.

Pregnancy Skin Care Step 2: Apply Sun Protection

Following the basic guidelines of skin care regarding sun protection is best for pregnancy skin care as well. Protecting the skin from the sun with sunscreen of no less than SPF 15 will shield the skin against the broad spectrum sunlight.

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You should note that sun protection is particularly essential during pregnancy because of your hormones trigger the production of pigments which will cause blotchiness and other unsightly marks. Sunscreen with at least SPF 15 will help you avoid discoloration and other skin problems.

Pregnancy Skin Care Step 3: Stop Acne 

If you have oily skin, there is a high chance that you will experience the worst skin break out ever when you are pregnant. Acne pregnancy skin care should be one of the aspects on top of your list because of this.

The safest pregnancy skin care product would be ones that contain alpha hydroxy acid, glycolic acid, or witch hazel. Generally, you should avoid putting topical retinoid and even salicylic acid in your pregnancy skin care routine.

Although there is no evidence to link these products to birth defects at this time, it is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to the health of your baby.

Pregnancy Skin Care Step 4: Use Less Make-Up

Less make-up is recommended for pregnancy skin care. Sticking to the basics such as foundation, blush, and lipstick will lessen your chances of having skin allergy during pregnancy.

Putting on less make-up is also easier and faster so you can do more with your time. Pregnancy is definitely a very delicate stage where utmost caution should be practiced.

A pregnant woman will encounter a lot of physical, mental, and emotional challenges during this time because she is undergoing a drastic life stage.

But while these obstacle remains, it is important to remember that pregnancy is a stage that should be enjoyed and having the right pregnancy skin care will help you in this purpose.

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