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How to make a skincare gift basket

If you're looking for a special gift for a special someone, why not give a skincare gift basket?

If you know what your recipient's favorite skincare line is, so much the better but if not, no worries.

A trip to the department store, drugstore, or specialty skincare store will take care of that.

One more trip to the craft store for the rest of your supplies and you'll soon be making skincare gift baskets for everyone you know.

Gather your materials

You will need all of the skincare products you want to include in your basket, a basket large enough to hold all of them, shredded paper for use as filler in your basket, a large roll of cellophane, scissors, tape, ribbon, gift tag, and small empty boxes or sheets of newspaper wadded up into balls.

You'll probably want to buy five to seven items of various sizes; lotions, powders, perfumes, maybe a scented candle, and a small trinket, perhaps a tiny picture frame.

The cellophane can be clear and colorless, tinted, printed with a design, or iridescent; choose one that complements the colors of the skincare products you'll be featuring.

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Also, choose the shredded paper and ribbon in a color that goes well with the cellophane and skincare products. Clear cellophane is always a fine choice, as is white shredded paper and white ribbon; it goes with everything.

Prepare your skincare gift basket

First fill you basket loosely with the shredded paper. You're using this as filler around your skincare products so that they look pretty. Add the skincare products and any other small gifts and arrange them nicely, nestled in the shredded paper.

If everything is at about the same height, hide a small empty box or wadded up sheet of newspaper underneath the shredded paper to add height and depth to your layout. Your gift basket should be visually interesting to look at; everything shouldn't be all the same height.

You may need to use small pieces of tape hidden among the skincare products to keep them standing up next to each other together nicely, instead of flopping around in the basket.

Use as much tape as you need to; just do your best to keep it out of sight, either underneath or behind the products. Try arranging things a couple of different ways to see what you like best.

Wrap your skincare gift basket

Unroll a large section of your cellophane paper onto the floor or a large table. Place your basket in the middle. Cut an appropriate size of the cellophane. You want to be able to pull up all of the edges and have them meet in your fist at the top of the basket; think of making a ponytail to get the idea.

Once you've got your handful of cellophane gathered around the basket, secure it like a ponytail with a piece of tape. Tie your ribbon around the tape, hiding it, and finishing it with a nice bow. Fan out the top of the cellophane so it looks nice. Attach your gift tag.

Now your skincare gift basket is ready to go!

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The Top 5 Acne Treatments

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