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The perfect gift, a skincare gift basket!

A skincare gift basket is a great gift because you can personalize it so completely for the friend or relative you're planning on giving it to.

All you need to do is gather your skincare products and any other small gift, artfully arrange the objects in a basket full of pretty shredded paper, and then wrap it in cellophane, securing with a complementary ribbon and gift tag.

Now you've got a great gift that can go across town or across the country. Here are some great skincare gift basket ideas:

Mommy-to-be skincare gift basket

Include stretch mark cream, soothing foot massage gel, refreshing leg massage gel, and perhaps a small picture frame for the first sonogram picture. Or, choose some of those specialty pregnancy snacks you can get at baby stores, a journal, or mini photo album.

Add some nail polish, pedicure supplies, and a coupon for a free pedicure to keep her feeling beautiful from head to toe.

New baby skincare gift basket

Give baby specially formulated infant skincare products for bath time and diaper changes. Include a rubber ducky, washcloth, and bath towel. Or include cotton diapers, washcloths, and specialty diaper pins, a baby book, or picture frame.

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You could include a rattle with the skincare products, or even a plastic bath book. You could also include a certificate for a diaper service.

Girl's skincare basket

For girls, you can find fruity bubble bath and sweet smelling lotions. Round out your basket with pastel nail polish or lip gloss samples. A journal and a sparkly pen completes the basket. Or maybe a stuffed animal, picture frame, or pretty hair clips.

Men's skincare basket

For men, choose skincare products like soaps and after shave lotions, perhaps an old fashioned shaving brush and kit. If your man works with his hands a lot, get a hand-softening lotion.

Pair it with new leather gloves. Beard trimmers or a good hairbrush can be a good addition too, along with some all-natural hair care products. Or how about some soothing foot lotion and wooly socks?

"His and hers" skincare basket

Jack and jill showers for the bride and groom are becoming very popular. Why not give a "his and hers" skincare basket? Include romantic gifts they can enjoy together? Include bubble bath and scented candles, sensuous body lotions and massage oils.

You can also add a romantic jazz or classical CD. Or even matching glasses and a small bottle of wine or a box of chocolates to make their romantic evening complete.

A skincare basket for her birthday

Show her just how much she means to you with a luxury skincare basket. Find scented bath salts, shower gel, lotion, and body powder. Add scented candles and a soft bath pillow.

You can include nail polish, massaging foot gel and soft slippers. Or maybe put in one or two of her favorite paperbacks to enjoy during that soothing bath. So you see, with a little planning and imagination, the possibilities for your skincare gift basket are limitless!

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The Top 5 Acne Treatments

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