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All Weather Skin Care

Proper skin care is essential for maintaining a good skin. But, the essentials of skin cares are different for different seasons of the year.

The reason for this is that the skin reacts to the changing weather conditions. Hence, it is important to be aware of the different kinds of skin care as regards to the different seasons in a year. 

Let us find out the different facets of skin care in different seasons

Winter skin care The chill of the winter months tells upon the skin heavily. Hence, one has to be careful enough with regards to the skin care to guard against the skin ailments that comes up during that time.

The following skin tips should be adhered to during the winter season to keep the skin healthy.

The biting cold makes the skin especially on the face chapped. Hence, proper room heating is necessary to combat the effects of cold. 

Moisturising the skin is important during that time of the year. But, it is better to use a oil based moisturiser in stead of one that has a water base, since the water based moisturiser might have a freezing effect on the skin. 

Taking your bath in lukewarm water is also part of the skin care regimen during the winter. Bathing in too hot water should be avoided. 

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The moisturiser should be used immediately after the bath. Moisturiser and a good lipstick should be used to protect the lips. 

Oil based creams should be used on the lips to prevent it from getting chapped by the biting cold. 

Summer skin care Summer is a season when the skin is at the risk of developing skin cancer. Hence, proper and effective skin care is mandatory to safeguard the skin.

Use of the proper sun screen is necessary to protect the skin from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun is essential. The body should also be kept covered when going out.

Apart from this very essential skin care requirement, the following skin care tips should be followed to take care of the skin during summer.

There is excessive perspiration in the body due the high heat during summer. The perspiration at times, might lead to bacteriological growth. The proper skin care for this is to cleanse the skin with water and soap.

There is heavy water loss in the body during summer. The lack fluid in the body, when not made up by the intake of equal amount of water has a direct impact on the skin. Hence, drinking plentiful of water is also part of the skin regimen during the summer months.

The skin regimen during summer include the use of moisturiser after a wash but oil based moisturiser should be avoided.

As in the case of face and other exposed parts of the body, the lips should be protected from the sun with the help of proper lip stick.

Skin care during spring The spring is probably the most skin-friendly season of the year. Hence, the best skin care recommended during that period is to keep the skin healthy.

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