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Anti Aging Skin Care

Aging is a natural process. Like most parts of the body, it also affects the skin and this effect is fairly discernible to the naked eye. As man grows, the affects of aging starts in the twenties and it continues till he breaths his last. 

The collagen and the elastin in the skin are responsible for the suppleness and firmness of the skin. Since, they are genetically dependent, the progressive loss of them over the years is not same for all the people. 

The effects of the changes in the collagen and elastin are the formation of wrinkles on the skin. This is a natural effect. But with proper skin care, its effects can be minimised or at least the occurrence of the symptoms of aging early, could be prevented.

There are various vitamins and natural ingredients that can wane the aging process. The skin cares that can prevent the effects of aging are as follows:

Vitamin A It is also called Retinol and many skin care products contain it as it helps in building up the collagens in the skin. It also exfoliates the skin to manifest the growth of new skin.

Vitamin C Chemically it is called ascorbic acid and is an accepted anti-oxidant. Used as skin care product, its topical application slows down the formation of the wrinkles on the skin.

Vitamin E This provides as a protection as against the sun rays when topically applied. It also acts to have a moisturising effects when applied on the skin. It is also a specific antioxidants for skin care prescribed by the medical personnel.

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Glycolic Acid The glycolic acid is used in many skin products. It accentuates the formation of collagen and hence acts in reducing the wrinkles on the skin. It also helps in the treatment of acne.

Alpha Hydroxyl Acids The alpha hydroxyl acids or AHAs form a main ingredient in most of the skin care products used these days. They help in extracting the oil in the acne and improve the tone of the skin. 

hey give the skin a smooth and shinning look by cleansing the pores and also slows down the process of formation of wrinkles on the skin.

Pal KTTKS This ingredients is also included in some skin care products and promotes a smoother skin.

Copper peptides Its use has been one of the recent developments in the skin products, as copper is known to give the skin a firmer hold.

Green tea extracts This is a natural ingredient and is promoted in many herbal skin care products. Known to help in reducing the onset of wrinkles early, it is being used in combination with other herbal skin care products.

These are some of the components and ingredients that help in rejuvenating the skin. Most of them are used in the different skin care products found in the market. But they are to be used on a case specific basis depending upon the age, colour, and texture of the skin.

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