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Diaper Rash - Skin Care For Babies

Most mothers know about the diaper rash. Notwithstanding all the possible care the mother takes to keep the baby clean, the diaper rash happens, much to the dismay of the mother.

Proper skin care is necessary for these endemic problems that the babies and the mother face. Diaper rash are generally caused due to the wetting and drying of the sensitive skins of the babies.

That apart, some of the skin irritants are also responsible for the diaper rashes. They are mostly the bacteria from the stools and urines of the toddlers. Also some detergents, fragrances and even some kinds of soaps add contribute to diaper rash. 

Types of diaper rashes- It is necessary to know abut the different types of diaper rashes in order to take proper skin care. 

Infection due to formation of yeast - This is also known as candida dermatitis which is mostly triggered by the use of the antibiotic drugs. This type of diaper rashes manifests in the form of tiny red spots that eventually spread to all over the body.

They are puffy in nature and are painful. They are developed in the genital areas in between the thighs and the stomach. 

Irritation due to stool – This is a very common form of diaper rashes among the babies where in the skin around the anus gets infected. The skin care for this type of problem is done by applying cream. 

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Chafing dermatitis – This type of problems generally happen to toddlers due to the wetness, allergens and the environmental conditions. This manifests as red patches in the buttock and groin areas. The skin care for these types irritation is effectively done through the application of topical ointment. 

Diaper irritation – The sides and edges of the diaper material mostly contribute to these types of allergic irritation. The skin turns red and puffy, which is accentuated due the sweat. The skin care for these types of problems is done through sprinkling of medicated powder. 

Irritation due to rubbing of the skin – This type of problem is mostly found in the thigh, armpits and abdomen region which happens due to the rubbing of both the thighs.

Hence, this type of skin irritating is found amongst the healthy and fat babies. The area is swelled to some extent and gets reddened which makes the baby irritated. 

The skin care for this type of irritation is done with the help of ointments and medicated powder that are available over the counter without any prescription from a doctor. 

Despite of the preventive measures, the babies still get the diaper rashes. Hence, certain basic skin care practices should be maintained in the following ways – 

The baby’s diaper should be changed as often as possible and the skin of the baby should be washed with the help of clean cloth or cotton balls. 

Different varieties of diapers are available in the market. Try most of them and select the mostly suitable one for your baby depending upon the skin type of your baby. 

Do not use much of soap. 

These some of the skin care methods that should be adopted to avoid the diaper rash.

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